Personal Sustainability – A Life in Balance

As an architect and designer, I want to help reinforce the advantages of a life in balance by designing environments conducive to promoting personal sustainability. There are 3threevital aspects to that.


1. Fitness By Design


Henry - pB - Image - Personal Sustainability - A Life in Balance 1Creating a fitness routine is paramount to a “Life in Balance”. It is essential to have a convenient space to exercise. That is why we are asked to design so many home gyms and spas, as the convenience of working out at home reinforces the comfort of your routine.


Maintaining your fitness regimen, in part, is about repetition and convenience. Having a dedicated space and time slot synched up with your personal schedules helps you stick to a routine.


Start your day by engaging in an activity you love, such as your favorite sport:

– Stretching

– Yoga

– Swimming

– Bicycling


It will create a more pleasurable and positive mental experience. You’re going to look forward to that activity versus just grinding out exercises that you don’t enjoy.


Designing a space depends on the activity. The high-intensity interval workouts require very little: a yoga mat, a few light weights, and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. We install specific wavelength and color lighting to animate further and energize your workout.


2. Relaxation by Design


Alternatively, the relaxation regimen and calming the body are equally important.


Henry - pB - Image - Personal Sustainability - A Life in Balance 2After an excellent physical workout, one can shower or take a hot bath, adding Epsom salts and minerals to pep up the body or relax. Your skin has a high absorption capacity. If you have had a morning workout, you might want to shower or bathe and rub an oil infused with eucalyptus or pine to energize the body. To relax during the evening, you might try chamomile or lavender oil. A hot bath at the end of the evening as part of a sleep hygiene ritual can prepare for a better night’s sleep. We are designing many home spas helping clients integrate these bathing rituals to enhance their quality of life.


3. Nutrition by Design


I would like to have you ponder your breakfast room or dining space. The design of this should be as inspired as the food you prepare. Imagine breakfast in an outdoor or metaphorical interior garden with plants and a view of nature with ample natural light. This setting can change your mood and elevate the dining experience.


A home gym for exercise, a home spa that promotes relaxation and an inspired dining space will contribute to living your life in balance.

Robert Henry