4 Reasons Design Matters

Sale of this apartment garnered the highest price per square foot in the building.
The sale of this apartment garnered the highest price per square foot in the building.

Design Matters. So, whether you are contemplating a renovation to your residence, your business, or a hospitality venue – hotel, restaurant, or spa – it’s essential to hire an architect and an interior designer with experience in that area.


 1. Design Investment:


A construction renovation is one of the most expensive activities one can undertake, and it is much more costly than buying a new automobile. Therefore, hiring an architect/designer is a basic insurance policy, mitigating potential problems and costly overruns.


The architect/designer resembles an orchestra conductor who coordinates various consultants, contractors, and building processes in the final project. The Architect shields you from the potential hazards and difficulties accompanying the construction process.


Design, from that standpoint, is a significant investment, warranting a successful outcome. It creates a higher quality product with an increased resale value and ideally enhances your quality of life.


 2. Wisdom comes with experience:


When planning a renovation project, start by hiring an experienced architect or designer. Hiring the general contractor first, who then brings on a design professional, is backward. A design professional will help you determine the right builder for your particular project.


The Architect mediates between the contractor and the Owner, ensuring that the project is built according to the drawings and specifications reviewed and approved by the Owner and at the agreed-upon contract price.


     4 Reasons Design Matters- RDH Architects NY


 3.  Marketing + Resale Value:


We generate marketing value when a project receives notoriety and is celebrated in the press. This differentiates the project as “best in class”, resulting in increased value.


Several of our projects have established the highest sale price per square foot in the surrounding area or building. This reinforces how a good architect and design can increase your original investment. It brings awareness to your home and business while creating an inspired “quality of life” for inhabitants.


  4. Design Fees


Generally, design fees represent approximately 10%-14% of the total construction cost, depending upon the size and scope of a particular project. A poor set of construction documents resulting in a single “change order” can equal the cost of the Architect’s fee.


Considering the downside and additional expense attributed to extras, these fees can be justified, translating into “change orders” by the general contractor.


Change orders in a successful project typically run anywhere from 8% to 12% of the total construction cost, approximately the design fee.


In Conclusion: Design matters – So make sure that you hire a qualified design professional who will protect your investment and bring added value to your project while saving you headaches, cost overruns, and delays.


Robert Henry