Spa: The Sensuous Experience

About the Book

Award-winning architect Robert D. Henry has not only studied the art of spas, with his more than 300 spa treatments from around the world, but his New York City firm specializes in spa design. Spa: The Sensuous Experience takes readers on a worldwide tour of the most spectacular spas, hand-picked by spa aficionados Robert D. Henry and Julie D. Taylor.

Spa: The Sensuous Experience by Robert D. Henry and Julie D. Taylor

This collection of 50 Thermal, Resort, Wellness and Medical, Day, Destination, Thalasso, and Hotel spas spotlights the location, design, and treatment experiences that make them havens of sensuous well-being and luxury.  Each chapter is introduced by a spa expert, who gives readers the meaning of each spa type—from warm waters of Thermal Spas to traveller’s escapes at Hotel Spas. Both world travellers and armchair voyagers will find a rich cornucopia of luxurious encounters in Spa: The Sensuous Experience. The 256-page book—published by The Images Publishing Group—is available on

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