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POP Spa and Lounge for the Vida Hotel in Dubai

Emaar Group approached us about designing a new Spa and Lounge for their Vida Hotel in downtown Dubai. They want to refresh some of the amenities in this iconic Dubai hotel and attract the next gen-X, Y, and Z culture as guests with our “wellness” desi “n.


On “September 16, 2019, Robert D. Henry and Daniella Russell made a presentation to attendees of the Top Hotel World Conference in Dubai. The presentation was about the POP Spa and Lounge project design for the Vida Hotel. The presentation was well received and given innovation kudos by the hoteliers, developers, and design aficionados in attendance.


Dubai craves innovation, so designing the spa and lounge for this younger generation was exciting.  This youthful demographic demands instant gratification, so we highlighted shorter express services that address their preference. As the name suggests, POP provides a “quick fix” experience that leaves guests happy and regenerated. POP celebrates the local community while focusing on what services and design aesthetics the ‘Y & Z-generati’n’ are looking f’r.  

We addressed all the guests’ senses guests with an immersive experience. Here the space feels good, looks good, and even smells good through the infusion of aroma therapy. Guests can ‘bliss out at the POP spa and renew body and souls at the POP lounge.  

We have integrated the latest Bio-centric systems & technology, including circadian lighting that renews guests’ energy and synchronizes their natural body rhythms with the solar cycle. Pure filtered water compliments every treatment regimen promoting healthy skin while eliminating all volatile organic compounds, allowing guests to breathe easily. The Spa and Lounge are designed with a series of organic, fluid shapes and forms with renewable and recycled materials that create a healthy and sustainable future for guests and our planet. 


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