RDH Architects NYC


2007     Hospitality Design, “Platinum Circle” inauguration

2006     Boutique Design Award Winner, Best Innovative Design, G Spa & Lounge

2005     Hospitality Design, Gold Key Award Finalist: Orient Retreat Spa

2001     Hospitality Design, Gold Key Grand Prize Award Winner: Ajune

1997     Excellence In Teaching Award: NJIT University Citation

1996     A.I.A. Design Award: Pasquale Spa & Salon

1993     Eva’s Kitchen and Shelter Competition: Awarded 2nd Place


S P E A K I N G   E N G A G E M E N T S

2011     Spa China Summit- Kunming, China, “Profitable Spa & Wellness Design”

2011     NY Spa and Resort Conference, “Successful Design in the New Economy”

2009    Paris Hotel & Spa Conference “Designing the Wellness Experience”

2009    Aquallia Spa Expo- Lisbon, Portugal “Design for Desire”

2007    The Turning Point Shanghai, “Design for Desire: International Spa Design Trends”

2007    The Monaco Spa Event, “Designing the Wellness Experience: Architecture & Interiors”

2006    HD Boutique, “SPA: The Sensuous Experience”

2006    London International Spa Convention, “Spa Design: Architecture & Interiors”

2006    American Spa Expo, “Balancing Medical & Spa”

2006    ISPA Asia – Thailand, “Spa Design: Architecture & Interiors”

2006    Spa & Resort Expo and Conference, “Spa Design: Architecture & Interiors”

2005    Spa & Resort Conference – Miami, “Spa Design: Architecture & Interiors”

2005    Medical Spa Expo, “Medical Spa Design: Architecture & Interior Design”

2005    ISPA Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition – Singapore, “Spa Feasibility &Operations: Architecture & Interiors”

2005    London International Spa Convention, “Design for a Profitable Spa: Architecture &   Interiors”

2005    Medical Spa Summit, “Designing a Medical Spa: Architecture & Interior Design”

2004    Toronto Medical Spa & Esthetics Conference, “Medical Spa Design: Architecture & Interiors”

2004    ISPA Asia-Pacific Conference – Yokohama, Japan, “Successful Spa Design: Celebrate Your Uniqueness”

2004    Hospitality Design Expo & Conference, “Spa: Designing for the Uniqueness of Place”

2004    Medical Spa Expo and Conference, “Medical Spa Design: Architecture & Interior Design”

2003    ISPA Conference – Dallas, TX, “Designing the Successful Spa: From Nurturing Environment to Efficient Profit Center”

2003    ISPA Asia-Pacific Conference – Taipei, Taiwan, “Designing Successful Spas: From Feasibility, Design & Operations”

2003    Spa & Resort Expo and Conference, “Design Defines Success”

2003    Resort Management Conference, “Best Resort Spa Practices”

2002    Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show, “Best Resort Spa Practices”

2002    ISPA USA Conference – Anaheim, CA, “Incorporating Technology into High Touch Spaces”

2002    ISPA Asia-Pacific – Rotura, New Zealand, “Designing Successful Spas”

2002    New York Spa & Resort Expo and Conference, “Designing Successful Signature Treatments for your Spa”

2002    Hospitality Design Expo & Conference, “Avoiding Spa Pitfalls: Minimizing Operational Nightmares by Design”

2001    Neocon Canada Conference, “Designing Successful Spas”

2001    Neocon World’s Trade Fair, “Designing Successful Spas”

2001    SPAcifically Urban Spa Summit, “Designing Successful Spas”

2001    NeoCon South Conference & Expo, “Designing Successful Spas”

2001    Hospitality Design Expo & Conference, “Spa Success: An Evolutionary Take on Creating Unique Spa Environments”

2000    SPAcifically Conference, “Creating a Roadmap for a Successful Spa Project”

1999    ISPA Impact 2000 USA – Defining the Future, “Spa Interiors that are in Harmony with Real Time Technology”