Salt Inhalation Rooms: The Answer to China’s Poor Air Quality?

Bob Henry was recently invited to do an interview regarding the latest Spa treatment regimens on The Talking Alternative with Sam Liebowitz.


Below is a video excerpt from that interview discussing how the salt inhalation rooms Robert D. Henry Architects designed for a 5-star Wellness Hotel in Guangzhou, China, might be a possible solution to the poor air quality in China. Salt inhalation Rooms help to clear the lungs and reduce moisture in the bronchial system providing improved breathing for those suffering from air pollution, bronchitis and general respiratory problems. We designed a whole wellness regimen where guests move from the salt room into a temperate relaxation room and then into a snow chamber. The hot-to-cold can boost the immune system, clears the lungs and is the perfect remedy to China’s inner city pollution problem.


We also discuss how many prominent world leaders are becoming more aware of the need to encourage health and wellness initiatives within their countries.


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