The New Design Language of Wellness

On March 22, 2016, the Washington Spa Alliance held its 6th Annual Symposium in Washington, DC. The subject of the symposium was The New Language of Spa, and I was a featured speaker on the topic of The New Design Language of Wellness.


The video below contains excerpts from that speech covering a brief history of the spa business since 1990.  At that time, building bigger and better was the rule, but in doing that, we lost touch with our client base.  Since then, we have made a shift away from the typical spa to something larger, which is wellness-based and can benefit everyone.


The video briefly covers some design initiatives that we have completed or are currently working on. These include:


WeWork Wellness – New York City

Palm Integrative Health – St Louis, MO

Jumeirah Hotel –  Guangzhou, China

Governors IslandNew York, NY

The Spa by Ivanka TrumpWashington, DC


All of these projects prove that Design plus Wellness Equals Profit. I hope you enjoy the video.