N4 Medical Spa-Salon

Located just steps from the East River in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N4 Medical Spa-Salon echoes the sentiment of organic, natural, and locally sourced aesthetic comfort that has defined the neighborhood in recent years. The full-service spa and salon offers varied services from massages and manicures to botox, tanning, and tattoo removal.Robert Henry, https://www.rdh-architects.com, discusses his work at the N4 Med Spa-Salon


“N4 Medical Spa” stands for North 4th Street where the spa is located on the corner of Kent St. N4 has been tailored to the younger demographic of the neighborhood mixing both hair salon services with spa services and medical spa treatment. Clients were frustrated going from a place that did laser hair removal to a place that would do a manicure and pedicure, to a place that offers a massage, and finally, full salon services. This smaller, 2,000-square-foot space offers it all in an intimate setting.


From the entrance, guests are greeted at the reception desk, and salon service stations are arranged in a layout that mimics the curvature of the surrounding walls. The floors and retail shelves of the salon are blackened steel; a tribute to the light industrial history of Williamsburg. Nail and hair stations are embellished with custom walnut wood and stone countertops. Curved walls divide the public from the private spaces. A palette of warm browns, off-white, and walnut are used throughout the space, with a cool robin’s egg blue used as an accent color. Exposed lighting reinforces the industrial aesthetic and comfortable banquette seating creates a lounge kind of environment, with moveable ottomans for group conversation that can be arranged to suit large or small groups.


Beyond the dynamic salon area, is the tranquil space of the spa services. A hallway offers patrons a relaxing path to one of six calming treatment rooms. Blackened steel shelving displays candles, providing a low, soft glow in contrast to the color-correct light that exists on the salon side. The hallway sets the stage for a peaceful massage or facial treatment, contrasting the high-energy salon with the restorative energy of the spa.


N4 Medical Spa has been well received. The neighborhood is embracing the facility and having a doctor as an owner legitimizes the quality and expectation of the medical laser treatments. It’s just a guarantee of the quality and commitment of skincare and wellness. What makes this project unique is that it is a real example of the kind of multipurpose spas that are client driven in terms of their treatment offering. We are going to see a number of other projects that are similar to this, responding directly to clients’ needs and perfectly fitting in with their unique community.


Robert Henry