Hotel & Spa Forum – Paris June 1, 2023

Hotel & Spa Forum - Governors Island Press
Courtesy of QC NY SPA

The 15th annual Hotel & Spa Forum will be held on June 1, 2023, at the elegant George V Hotel in Paris, France.

This year’s theme, “Authentic Wellness – It’s time to change!”, seeks to explore the evolving concept of wellness in the hospitality industry.

In preparation for the event, Vladi Kovanic, the Forum’s esteemed director, conducted an interview with me to discuss my upcoming presentation titled: “Authentic Wellness Design”.

As the closing speaker, I will be unveiling several recently completed projects that address recent social, financial, and cultural paradigm shifts making them more relevant in today’s landscape.

Plus, check-out Interior Design magazine’s review of the recently opened QC NY, an adult wellness playground that will be included at the Forum presentation.