Image of Dr. Eunice Park in her Airem

Airem Wellness Retreat


Our team is fortunate to be working in the “wellness design” business!

After an intense summer, our group needed to re-charge, so we decided to test-drive our latest project, Airem-Modern Beauty Rituals in Syosset, NY designed for Dr. Eunice Park, a celebrated plastic surgeon.

We spoke with Juliet Cavallaro — experience coordinator — who suggested beginning with a collective “tea ceremony” and then breaking-off for individual customized treatments.

Half of our team hadn’t seen Airem and they were delighted by the window box façade, showcasing the sculptural check-in desk & beauty bar beyond.

The tea ritual takes place in a dedicated room where we were introduced to Tea Master — Mina Lee; who explained the 5-millenium year-old history of Chinese tea and carefully paired uniquely blended teas with important questions for our team: what are you most grateful for in the studio?

A sense of family flashed into my mind as we spend 40+ hours a week together so I am personally thankful for our team’s collaborative spiritedness devoid of ego. Others followed with our mutual support for one another and having each other’s back, an openness to change, and maintaining a sense of calm with flexibility, allowing us to navigate these volatile times.

Our nurturing guide asked us to savor the tea and inhale its pungent aroma of caramel and marigold with each sip. We digested her deep questions along with the differing teas moving from a delicate Sejak green tea to a luscious Summer Wild Persimmon leaf. Our minds were slowing down as time and space became blurred. We made eye contact during our responses and our deep listening enriched our appreciation for each other. 


Healing Retreat

The Revive Skin Fusion Facials, which followed enhanced our relaxed state and brightened our complexion. Dr. Park’s team allowed us to soak-in the experience and we were slow to return to our previous harried bodies and over-animated minds. I was reminded how Oprah would take her executive team to a spa, to deepen their relationships.

We departed with such a peacefulness and decided that we would make this an annual healing retreat.

Image of RDH Team with Dr. Park


Thank-you team “Airem”…we not only look 5-years younger, we feel much brighter and are eager to design for a better future.