Where do a mother of three and grandmother of six go to escape, relax, and refresh? New York City, of course. Barbara Littman, who is a well-known interior designer, did just that, purchasing a 2,400-square-foot penthouse apartment in the Chelsea area. She wanted a bright, modern space with a purity of line where she could display and enjoy the furniture and artwork she had been collecting for years.


Interior Designer- Robert D. Henry Architects

When I first visited the apartment, I was struck by the light provided by the wrap-around windows and the beautiful rooftop terrace that overlooks the City. We tried to reinforce these positive attributes with the design and developed the Loft around this straightforward concept: “Entry, Path + Goal.”




Robert D. Henry Architect


As you open the front door, you are greeted by a runway that terminates in a dramatic monolithic stair that welcomes you up to the magical rooftop terrace and sculpture garden beyond. On one side of that runway is the public area, and the other is the more private domain. This hallway is the big statement that defines the whole project.


Barbara’s color scheme leans toward neutrals of grey, white and black, but we were able to convince her to bring a little color into her private pied-a-terre. The long wall running the length of the hallway is painted in a sunburst yellow, reflecting the bright, intense, energetic light that drew the interior designer’s apartment in the first place.


Robert D. Henry Architects

Renovated to celebrate her passions, this is Barbara’s private domain, which she thoroughly enjoys. How private? When her husband wants to drop by with his friends to play cards or even come in to have lunch with her, he has to call and make an appointment first. This beautiful penthouse apartment is indeed her escape.


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Robert Henry