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  • A Place to Rest and Rhumba

  • HOTel & Spa in Paris 2019

    HOTel & Spa Forum 2019
    HOTel & Spa Forum in Paris 2019


    Forum HOTel & SPA in Paris

    12th Edition held May 23rd 2019


    Robert D. Henry will be the Keynote speaker discussing “Wellness Design.”



  • Cold-Water Swimming Is Not Just for Crazy Polar Bears

    Polar Bear Plunge - The Plunge Brrrr

    Racing into frigid Coney Island water New Years Day

    {3 minutes to read} Cold-water swimming boosts your immune system and provides stress reduction and resiliency by shocking your system. Many studies have found that cold water swimming not only de-stresses the body physically, but also mentally. It can increase levels of serotonin and dopamine — neurotransmitters that can help reduce depression. Many cold-water swimmers have been able to increase their life expectancy and their overall quality of life. The intense shocking of the system increases antibodies and puts your body on alert. It boosts your immune system by increasing your white blood cell count. It increases blood circulation. In a warm environment your veins are enlarged, or vasodilated, but when you hit the cold, your veins vasoconstrict. However, the same amount of blood flows through your more restricted veins, arteries and capillaries, forcing a clean out with the blood flowing through restricted openings. Therefore, it is a great cleanser to your circulation system.

    Polar Bear Plunge Mascot


    Given all these benefits, I decided to join the Polar Bear Club in Coney Island, the oldest cold-water swimming club in North America. What an invigorating way to start the year. People ask, “How do you get past the initial shock where every cell in your body is telling you to get out of this abnormal environment?” Once you stabilize your breathing, you reach a calmer state. But after 10 minutes you need to get the hell out of the water to prevent hypothermia. On colder days, I swim as fast as I can in order to stay warm. After 5 minutes in frigid waters, I come out of the swim feeling so alert. There’s just such clarity — almost like a new dimension.


    Polar Bear Plunge - Thermalism

    Thermalism at home


    A friend recently asked, “What if you’re not a Polar Bear? Is there a way to reproduce the health benefits?” You can easily implement this “thermalism” at home to achieve a similar effect. Take a warm shower, then turn the dial over to the extreme cold and stay there for 15 seconds. Repeat this cycle three times, staying under the cold water for as long as you can, increasing the time under the cold water with each cycle.
    What are you waiting for? The Polar Bear Club meets every Sunday at 1pm during the cold months, so come join us! Or practice “thermalism” at home.



    Robert Henry

  • Wellness Architecture and Interior Design : The Rumson Residence

    Last month a new magazine called Well Home made its debut. Robert D. Henry Architects was invited to discuss wellness architecture and a recently completed estate in Rumson, New Jersey for a young family.

    The Living Well Home by Robert D Henry

    Wellness (Rendering: Molly Satterfield)


    Michael and Michelle Kutsak approached us with the goal of creating a healthy home for them and their three children. As the founder of a successful sleep health company, longevity and wellness is in Michael Kutsak’s DNA. He later sold the business and embarked on a project to create his dream home with his wife, Michelle. Their goal was a home featuring a range of wellness facilities, including a couple’s massage suite, hydrotherapy exercise pool, fitness arena, steam and sauna and the desire to focus firmly on wellness as a lifestyle. Michael discovered the perfect location, a three-acre parcel of land in New Jersey, with views of the Atlantic.

  • “Wellness Design” for Multi-Family Housing

    Wyndham Condominiums, Garden City NY.

    Wyndham Condominiums, Garden City NY.

    {3 minutes to read} Why are we integrating wellness-design for the multi-family housing sector?


    It’s not just about updating finishes today… Residents want “wellness” architecture and interior design that promote a healthier lifestyle. We are designing the amenity spaces for three notable 150+ unit buildings in the New York City area. The original purchasers were baby boomers, who are obsessed with quality of life and longevity, in addition to increasing the value of their real estate. This “personal sustainability positioning” (PSP) is very appealing to both younger and older purchasers alike. (more…)