• Bringing Balance to Your Life

    Triggering the 5 Senses in Your Home


    Robert Henry Architects -  Bringing Balance to Your LifeI think there is a real synergy between the current high tech, high touch condition of our lives, which are so intensified by the new technology and our need to still search out and look for the aspects that make us human. We design a lot of spas and wellness projects with relaxed and regenerative environments that counter people’s stressful nanosecond driven day.   People visiting these projects ask, “How can I incorporate that into my daily existence? Could I bring that to my home?” The answer is yes.


    There are two ways to accomplish this; building an in-home spa as part of the master bedroom suite, or introducing simple spa elements to your existing master bath. We are doing several projects where the home becomes a sanctuary bringing peace of mind.


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