Wellness Watch

  • Residential Wellness Design 2.0

    Living Room in Hotel des Artistes Loft


    This healthy home is located in the Hotel des Artistes on 67th Street in Manhattan, just steps away from Central Park West.


    My wife Nancy and I are both Architects and we are constantly designing wellness into our own homes. It has since become our ‘signature style’ featuring:


    • ●  abundant natural light,
    • ●  natural ventilation,
    • ●  HEPA air filtration,
    • ●  acoustic mitigation,
    • ●  spa bedroom suite, and
    • ●  biophilia integration.


  • Residential Wellness Design 1.0

    Image of built-in tea table


    Historically, many architects have experimented on their own homes, pushing boundaries, or testing new ideas that set the stage for their career.  20 years ago, my wife Nancy and I set out to design our loft accommodating our newborn son Bo. The 800sf space located within the Hotel des Artistes on Central Park West is where we incorporated the maximum natural daylight and ventilation possible. We added biophilia, designed dual-use spaces, and incorporated a home office, thereby integrating early “wellness practices.”  This toolbox of healthy-home criteria soon developed into our signature design style.

  • Long Island’s Premier Beauty & Wellness Destination

    Dr. Eunice Park – a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon, is soon to open her flagship aesthetic center — AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals in Syosset, NY offering comprehensive beauty and wellness services from medical-grade facials to injectables and plastic surgery. A special group treatment room called The Retreat will incorporate tea rituals with beauty treatments and can serve as an intimate gathering place to celebrate special occasions from a beauty bar and bridal events, even a master tea ritual. Image of AIREM facade




    No sooner had we started construction when the COVID lockdown hit, prompting the question: how can we re-design for a hyper-hygienic environment while preserving our initial intent for a “warm-cozy guest experience?”


  • How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep — Sleep Hygiene

    In this age of pandemic, emotions run high — worry, fear, anger, confusion, sadness, despair and depression. It is no wonder that we are all losing sleep, and yet, sleep is critical to our mental and physical health. It is during sleep, when our bodies recharge themselves and repair our crucial immune systems. 
    Robert D. Henry Bedroom designed to encourage good sleep
    In the best of times, 1 in 4 adults have sleep issues. During the covid-crisis, that all-important sleep may be in even shorter supply. Below are some of my tips for preparing and getting a better night’s sleep, derived from 20 years of pioneering “wellness design.”

  • Harlem’s Hyatt House (HHH)

    To watch the video from the Top Hotel presentation click here

    Hyatt HouseFront Prespective
    The new ground-up Harlem Hyatt House, designed in collaboration with WOCA, will be a 175 key hotel located in Manhattanville on the west side of Harlem at 128th Street and Convent Avenue. Our aspirational design welcomes guests into a 3-story ‘hanging garden’ atrium, along with a rear-yard garden cafe, both of which contribute to the “greening” of Harlem. An alleyway with rotating public art, connects the street to the Cafe and also provides access to a 2nd-floor “community space” and a unique rooftop speak-easy lounge with views of the surrounding neighborhood.