Living Room in Hotel des Artistes Loft


This healthy home is located in the Hotel des Artistes on 67th Street in Manhattan, just steps away from Central Park West.


My wife Nancy and I are both Architects and we are constantly designing wellness into our own homes. It has since become our ‘signature style’ featuring:


  • ●  abundant natural light,
  • ●  natural ventilation,
  • ●  HEPA air filtration,
  • ●  acoustic mitigation,
  • ●  spa bedroom suite, and
  • ●  biophilia integration.


After enjoying and living in the space for seven years, we sold our Loft to Damon Horowitz, a Columbia professor, and former Google executive who practices a healthy lifestyle. He hired us to convert the 3-bedroom into a “Philosopher’s Loft,” integrating his extensive library and his passion for music.


The apartment recently received a green make-over by horticulturist, Summer Rayne Oakes. This edited video captures the “power of nature.” Let’s join Damon and Summer for a journey thru the Loft, where Summer will add a layer of biophilia to bring additional “well-being” to this healthy home.



Residential Wellness Design 2.0