Last month a new magazine called Well Home made its debut. Robert D. Henry Architects was invited to discuss wellness architecture and a recently completed estate in Rumson, New Jersey for a young family.

The Living Well Home by Robert D Henry

Wellness (Rendering: Molly Satterfield)


Michael and Michelle Kutsak approached us with the goal of creating a healthy home for them and their three children. As the founder of a successful sleep health company, longevity and wellness is in Michael Kutsak’s DNA. He later sold the business and embarked on a project to create his dream home with his wife, Michelle. Their goal was a home featuring a range of wellness facilities, including a couple’s massage suite, hydrotherapy exercise pool, fitness arena, steam and sauna and the desire to focus firmly on wellness as a lifestyle. Michael discovered the perfect location, a three-acre parcel of land in New Jersey, with views of the Atlantic.


The Living Well Home by Robert D. Henry

The entire lower level of the house is dedicated to health and well-being (Rendering: Molly Satterfield)

Key wellness elements

We asked the couple what healthy habits they practice and how open they are to new modalities that will underpin their family’s longevity. They both share a passion for open water – the beaches along the Côte d’Azure and the healing power of the ocean, for example – which led to the integration of both indoor and outdoor salt water pools on the property.

The whole lower level of the house is dedicated to health and relaxation. The indoor pool includes space for an aqua-bike that can be used to increase cardiovascular capacity. Complimenting this, hydro-jets were added to the pool to massage the calves, thighs and lower back; the muscle groups linked to Michelle’s favorite workout. The couple likes to exercise together, so Michael can be working out in the gym adjacent to the pool Michelle exercises in. Both spaces share a view toward a sunken exterior wellness-garden, which has a 20 ft fire-ribbon hearth providing a dual purpose space for socializing and relaxing.

The Living Well Home - Robert D Henry Architects

A well equipped fitness and Pilates studio (Rendering: Molly Satterfield)

Treatment room and spa bathroom suite

Tired muscles crave massage, so we positioned a couple’s massage suite next to the exercise areas to provide the couple with quality rejuvination time after their workout. It’s important to integrate activities people love into their home, to create a rounded wellness lifestyle and transform the exercise experience from a workout into a bliss-out.

The Living Well Home by Robert D Henry Architects

A couple’s massage area allows the couple to relax after their workout. (Rendering: Molly Satterfield)

The upper level of the house has a master bedroom spa suite, with a sunlit gallery overlooking the gardens and pools below. At night, motorized shades provide complete black-out of the sleeping area, promoting deep restful sleep. Temperature, lighting and window treatments are all operated via smart technology and are controlled by phones. In the master bedroom, an over-sized fireplace facing the bed creates that sense of tranquility that only a blazing fire can produce helping the Kutsak’s wind down in the evening. The master bathroom has an 8ft x 8ft experiential couple’s shower and steam room built from full-height glass and sculptural stone slabs. Behind the shower, a window provides a dramatic view to the ocean beyond. A deep double steeping tub sits next to an outdoor garden terrace, with sheer curtains providing privacy.


This healthy home is the foundation of a sustainable lifestyle, making it easy for the entire family to work out and relax, while creating a legacy for generations to come.

Healthy regards,


Robert Henry