Design the Ultimate Romantic Interlude for Valentine’s Day {Time to Read: 3 1/2 minutes}  Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other?  Why not create a Spa Experience and try being a “spa butler” within your own home by designing a love-infused bath? Setting up a luxurious bathing experience can become a romantic interlude for you and your love.  It’s easy and affordable, and more importantly, it is one of the most thoughtful gifts for Valentine’s Day.


With just a little effort, you can put a personalized spa package together for the special person in your life, that just transforms the bathing experience into something romantic or even create this sensuous experience for the two of you, as a couple. Here is how.


What You Will Need


    • ❤  Purchase 3 or 4 candles ideally with your significant other’s favorite scent. Arrange them around the bath and create a romantic setting.
    • ❤  Get Kniepp herbal bath essential oil – lavender for balancing or muscle soothing juniper, or a bathing ball – a fast dissolving orb – rose petal is a favorite.  These items are available at bathing stores such as: Sabon,  Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bath and Body Works, The Body Works,  Frontier Coop.  Your local Walgreens, WalMart, or CVS will also carry a line a aromatherapy salts for the bath.  At a minimum, some inexpensive Epsom salts will work just fine and only cost about $4.00.
    • ❤  Try some aromatherapy and select a preferred scent.
    • ❤  Pick up a loofah brush or sponge for exfoliation.  Also, works as a body massager in the bath.
    • ❤  Gather their favorite lush towels, in their favorite color and arrange artfully within the room.
    • ❤  Depending on your budget, you may decide to purchase a luxurious new robe and/or slippers for after the bath


 Spa Butler Duties

      • ❤  Display his/her robe in a convenient place.

Design the Ultimate Romantic Interlude for Valentine’s Day

  • ❤  Have their favorite music playing softly in the background
  • ❤  Draw and prepare the bath, fill the tub deep enough to submerge up to their shoulders
  • ❤  Add some of the bathing oils and/or salts. Lavender or rose blossom are nice, or chamomile if you want to really relax.
  • ❤  Light all the candles that have been strategically placed.
  • ❤  Spray some aromatherapy into the air, if the candles are not aromatic.
  • ❤  Offer to scrub his/her back or give a massage.
  • ❤  Apply oils after the bath that replenish the skin and/or again offer a massage.



This is really the perfect gift for that special person in your life, exhibiting thoughtfulness in terms of choosing their favorite scent and type of soothing bathing mixture.  It is also affordable and can provide a really transformative experience right at home. It’s the ultimate gift for Valentines Day!


❤  Robert Henry