Saks Fifth Avenue Loves Our Salt Inhalation Capsule The 16,000-square-foot space has been transformed into a healthy living mecca for the mind, body and soul! Saks scoured the “wellness industry” and created a comprehensive list of their favorite wellness related brands, eventually selecting just 20 vendors for their loyal clientele. Everything from boutique fitness classes, manicures + meditation and athleisure gear; yet the winner went to Breathe and our Salt Capsule™ designed by “wellness architect” Bob Henry:

Saks Fifth Avenue Loves Our Salt Inhalation Capsule


Halo-therapy, or salt inhalation therapy, appeals to my wife, Nancy, who has eczema and my son, Bo,  who suffers from allergies and asthma; for me it is a mood enhancer. After trying a series of sessions at Breathe – NYC, my family experienced benefits, so I decided to design a custom booth for salt inhalation that supercharged the delivery system. Spending 10 minutes in our 4’x 3’ Salt Capsule™ provides my family with the same health benefits as spending 2 hours at the ocean.



Saks Fifth Avenue Loves Our Salt Inhalation Capsule 

I ordered a capsule for our home. It takes the same area as a shower and requires only a 110v. outlet connection. Our family decided that we didn’t need another car in the driveway and instead opted for the health benefits of salt inhalation. The cost is $14,800. It’s improving Nancy’s eczema, and Bo is no longer sleepy from his allergy medication, which he has since stopped. I’ve decided that I will do my daily 10-minute meditation each morning in our new Salt Capsule.™


Try out the Halo-therapy at Breathe on the 2nd floor of the Saks Wellery and let me know if getting “Salted” helps your psoriasis, bronchitis, asthma, sinus infections, snoring, or just helps reduce your stress and fatigue, as it has for me and my family!”


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