Robert D. Henry,, discusses the importance of well-being influences in the home.Our last blog, Healthy Home Part 1,  we talked about the healthy renovations a City apartment dweller has made to her home.  This attention to personal health and well being has also made it to the suburbs, as Part II demonstrates.


Healthy Home – Part II


A young couple who have two children recently approached us to design a new house for their family in Rumson, New Jersey.  It is a beautiful estate property that offers views to the Navesink River with a full dock, episodic gardens, and terraced pools. They want to create a place for entertaining friends, family and business clients.

We designed the lower level to be a dedicated entertainment and relaxation space with a  comprehensive spa, fitness, and wellness enclave, with walk out “social garden space” with a 10’h green wall and a 20’ long fire place.  The design also contains a grand relaxation room,  wine tasting room and home theater, complimented with a fitness room and nurturing couples massage room.


We designed a pool that combines several features:


– A lap pool

– A waterfall Jacuzzi for 6 integrated within the pool

– A water aerobics space with aqua-bike and resistance equipment

– A deluge experiential shower that massages and invigorates sore muscles


From the lounge and pool areas, you can visit the outdoor garden area where a dynamic green wall and stairs guide back to the upper level gardens connecting to the rest of the property. The pool, lounge and even the fitness room, focus out to this green wall and light filled outdoor space.  This sunken garden brings light down into the lower level spaces and provides a calming view of nature.


We are finding that people are becoming more invested in their sense of personal health and well being.  They are taking proactive measures by asking us to design their home and integrating wellness into their lives for them and generations to come.


Robert Henry