HOTel & Spa in Paris 2019

HOTel & Spa Forum 2019
HOTel & Spa Forum in Paris 2019


Forum HOTel & SPA in Paris

12th Edition held May 23rd 2019


Robert D. Henry will be the Keynote speaker discussing “Wellness Design.”


Wellness Design – why is it important? Today we spend 90% of our time indoors in buildings, therefore the health of our guests depends on the quality of our interior environments. Learn how to integrate lessons from Nature including: air quality, water quality, building ecology, sound mitigation, optimum lighting, maximum efficiency and environmental sustainability into your project. This presentation will review (7) diverse Spa & Wellness case studies including: Hotel, Medical, Residential and Destination Spa’s. Acquire ‘wellness design’ tools that will drive health + revenue to your Spa and Wellness business.


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Robert Henry